Jake Paul Teaches How to Become a Social Media Influencer

Jake Paul Teaches How to Become a Social Media Influencer

We are thrilled to announce Demeanor.co’s first course: Edfluence – a guide by social media magnate, Jake Paul, on how to become an influencer.

Jake Paul is one of the most noticed 21-year-olds on the planet. At this moment, he boasts over 43 million followers across his social accounts. That being said, Jake Paul is still growing so fast that in a few months from now, that 43 million stat will become outdated as he gains over 400 thousand new subscribers each month on YouTube alone.

Before social media, this kind of personal reach could only have been achieved through traditional channels: television, news, radio, and blockbuster films. To be discovered was to be found by a talent agency, and scooted through the closed doors of Hollywood television and film production. Getting a gig, whether it was as an actor, model, artist, or personality, was a matter of meeting the right people at the right time.

But now, there is a new way.

Now, no one has to wait to be discovered. Jake Paul and other social media influencers represent a new brand of superstar who use entirely free and open channels to grow their following.

But just because social media is free and open does not mean it is easy to achieve massive scale as Jake Paul has. To seriously grow your social media presence and make a career out of it, you’ll need the motivation and grit to work day in and day out, to produce the absolute best content you are capable of everyday. Only if you have that kind of dogmatic determination and enough time, you can find success.

That being said, there are some learnable strategies that can significantly accelerate your path to a working social media career. This kind of knowledge, the exact methods for getting the most exposure on various social media channels, and how to create income from your social media fame, can save you years of time in trial and error discovering it for yourself. This is why Jake Paul created Edfluence. He’s excited to share all of his valuable knowledge from years of experience developing one of the fastest growing social media personalities in history. He wants to inspire kids like him, from all around the world, to believe they can make it. He wants to give them the essential knowledge to do so.

The course is blocked into 12 Chapters, with a total of more than 60 episodes. This is hours of never-seen-before content, exclusive to the Edfluence course and only available on Demeanor.co.

The chapters share everything that Jake Paul and Team 10 have discovered works best for all of the major social platforms, including Twitter, Musical.ly, Instagram, Facebook, and of course YouTube, all of which Jake Paul has used to build multi-million-person fan bases. Edfluence covers how to find your niche as an influencer, a critical step in getting your first major milestone in fans, as well as how to effectively monetize your fans in order to make a career out of your content. The course is an all-in-one manual that is helping real people grow their social media careers today: